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Your local Tier One Pest Control expert is equipped with the tools and knowledge you need to keep you home pest free. Learn more about the services we provide below.

pest tech treating exterior

General Pests

Tier One Pest Control offers perimeter pest control service for common household pests and will treat interior on request and as needed for no additional cost. Service plans include monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly vists.

german cockroaches

German Cockroaches

German roaches have been known to cause childhood asthma. They carry disease and eat your babies as they sleep! Tier One Pest Control has invested in better products and superior equipment to protect your home and health with our monthly roach control programs.

Bed bug

Bed Bugs

Tier One Pest Control is committed to giving you back your peace of mind, that's why we offer the best service guarantee for bed bugs in Northwest Arkansas! Using top of the line products, you can count on us to rid your home of these excellent hitch hikers.



Ants continue to be the #1 reason for service calls across the country. Let Tier One Pest Control handle these pesky insects with our proven processes.

Termites eating wood


Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage. In fact, the average cost of repair is over $7,000! Tier One Pest Control offers full liquid termite treatments.

Mosquito on finger


Aedes mosquitoes transmit several diseases including yellow fever and Zika virus in humans, as well as heart worms in dogs and cats. Tier One Pest Control can help protect your family and pets with our effective mosquito control services!

Tick on skin

Fleas & Ticks

Rocky mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, typhus, and the plague are a few diseases that are spread by fleas and ticks. Tier One Pest Control uses our superior equipment, products, and methods to achieve effective flea and tick control around your home.

Mouse electrical gnaw and droppings

Rodent Control

The key to rodent control is identification, sanitation, harborage elimination, and rodent-proofing the building. Tier One Pest Control has the expertise needed to exterminate your infestations.

We service the greater NWA area including:

Bella Vista, AR 

Bentonville, AR

Rogers, AR

Springdale, AR

Fayetteville, AR
Farmington, AR

Siloam Springs, AR
Call, text, or email us today.

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